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Because our specialty is cold climate sewage treatment, we can help you treat sewage:

  • in harsh climates,
  • at sites with poor soil conditions,
  • at hard to access sites, 
  • where electricity is very expensive,
  • where environmental regulations are very strict,
  • where a leach field has failed, or
  • where a leach field is out of the question because the site is underlain by ice-rich permafrost or bedrock.


Simplicity and appropriate technology are especially important.  Here is how we handle the following applications: 

  • residential and village applications - our SST (sustainable sewage treatment) systems are ultra-simple and use very little electricity

  • petroleum and mining industries - our tubular membrane bioreactor systems will meet discharge requirements 100 percent of the time and can be relocated in just a few hours

  • hotels and lodges - our flat plate membrane bioreactor systems can be designed to operate year-around or seasonally, depending on your needs.


All of our systems are easy to transport, install, and maintain and are guaranteed to provide peace of mind, reduce your stress, and make your project successful.

Call us today at 907-458-7024 to find out how we can help you!



This video shows how easy it is to install a Separett waterless toilet. Separett toilets are especially well-suited for use in northern climates.  They are in stock at Lifewater Engineering Company and shipping via the USPS is free!





“Bob and his crew at Lifewater were prompt and professional in responding to all of our questions during the design, manufacturing, and operating phases of our project. We highly recommend Lifewater Engineering to anyone undertaking a project that must be done safely, on time, and within budget.” ~ John Ellsworth, President, Alaska Frontier Constructors, Inc.


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