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Our systems will provide peace of mind and make your project successful!

We can help you treat sewage:

  • In harsh climates,
  • At sites with poor soil conditions,
  • At hard to access sites, 
  • Where electricity is very expensive,
  • Where environmental regulations are very strict,
  • Where a leach field has failed, or
  • Where a leach field is out of the question because the site is underlain by ice-rich permafrost or bedrock.

    Simplicity and appropriate technology are especially important!  For: 


  • Residential and village applications - our fixed film systems are ultra-simple and use very little electricity

  • Petroleum and mining industries - our membrane bioreactor systems meet discharge requirements 100 percent of the time

  • Hotels and lodges - our systems can be designed to operate year-around or seasonally, depending on your needs.



    All of our systems are easy to transport, install, operate, and maintain.

    Call us today at 907-458-7024 to find out how we can help you!


    DragonFly 4.0

    Available - Spring 2016. The creative minds at Lifewater Engineering Company are excited to bring you North America's first plastic hull mini jet boat, the DragonFly 4.0. With 190+ horse power, this sport utility boat is designed to run in shallow water and deliver an unparalleled boating experience!


    DragonFly 4.0 Specs


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